Commercial Irrigation


Using a sprinkler or garden hose to water your commercial lawn can be a waste of time for a busy business owner. It also results in a yard that is not properly watered. In order to ensure that your business’s yard is getting the water it needs without wasting valuable time, a business owner should consider installing a commercial irrigation system.

These automatic sprinkler systems are not just effective in keeping a yard looking great, they are more economically and ecologically friendly. These systems ensure that a business owner isn’t wasting water on a yard that doesn’t need it. Ground sensors can detect just how much water is in the soil, ensuring that a yard gets water when it needs it and ensuring that the sprinklers stay off when it doesn’t.

Our team of irrigation specialists uses only commercial-grade materials and installation techniques to ensure a long-lasting and virtually care-free irrigation system. Lawn and Landscape Solutions prides itself on the quality of our products and the quality of our installation for each and every client. We make sure that your system works perfectly with as little work from a business owner as possible.

Not only will we install your irrigation system, but we will also maintain it as well. After the harsh St. Louis winters, Lawn and Landscape Solutions will examine your irrigation system in the spring to ensure that it is ready for use. We can also winterize your system to ensure that it remains from damage due to standing water in the pipes. This prevents burst pipes and other expensive problems. We want a business owner to be certain their commercial irrigation system will last for years without major problems.

If you need an irrigation system installed for your business, contact Lawn and Landscape Solutions right away. We will examine your yard and offer a free estimate for your personalized system.

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