Commercial Lawn Care Maintenance


Routine lawn care is more than just a chore to check off a check list, it is necessary element to keeping your yard looking as beautiful as possible. At Lawn & Landscape Solutions, our lawn care professionals will work not just to keep your yard trim and tidy, but also add fertilizer and other nutrients that keep your grass looking as lush and green as possible.

We can also aerate your grass or provide fresh seed should the need arise. This can help prevent problem areas from forming that can quickly spread out of control. By having a lawn care expert keep a close eye on your yard, you can be sure that your grass remains healthy.

This is important because there are plenty of diseases and weeds that can begin to fester, causing areas to overgrow or completely turn brown. There is nothing worse than a patchy lawn full of dead grass. Our experienced lawn care professionals can quickly identify and treat impacted areas, keeping your yard green and vibrant.

For those who have just moved into a new house or just had yard work completed, it may be time to lay fresh sod in your yard. We will carefully identify the optimum grass for your particular yard and work to make sure it takes root. This way, you can enjoy your new grass without having to re-sod the area.

In the fall, we also provide leaf removal that can keep your yard looking clean. Instead of simply moving over the leaves or hoping they blow away, we will completely clear your yard. This keeps your grass looking trim and tidy even through those fall months.

For more than 10 years, Lawn & Landscape Solutions has helped clients across St. Louis and St. Charles keep their yards looking great. We bring a dedicated commitment to our clients that helps us build relationships for years to come.

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