Irrigation is a vital component to keeping a yard healthy. The hot St. Louis summer can easily kill grass, leaving unsightly, patchy areas. Drought damaged lawns can be very difficult to correct, so it is vital that each area of the yard gets the perfect amount of water to keep it healthy.

When designing and installing these systems, it is extremely important to make sure that each area of the yard is getting the right amount of water. For instance, some homes block the sun over a large portion of the yard, keeping it much cooler in the summer than other parts in direct sunlight. We make sure to take these types of unique design issues into account when we design an irrigation system. This way, you can be sure you are not overwatering areas that are cooler or underwatering areas that are hotter.

The irrigation experts at Lawn & Landscape Solutions can help in the following areas:

  • Design
  • Install
  • Maintain
  • Retrofit
  • Start up (backflow inspection)
  • Shut down (winterize)

If you have an irrigation system already installed, Lawn & Landscape Solutions can run your annual backflow  testing to make sure that water is not cross contaminating the water supply. In St. Louis County, this test is required within 30 days of the system start up. We will run this important test to make sure that water is flowing properly and running at peak efficiency. We can also help shutting the system down for the winter. This helps prevent frozen pipes that can crack or burst.

If you need a new installation for your irrigation system, we will work to design an exact system for your yard. Instead of lugging the hose out to the yard and moving it around the yard, you can, as the old commercials used to say, “Set it and forget it.” Not only is this easier, it ensures that your lawn is evenly watered, it is significantly easier on the homeowner.