Hardscape Foreman

As a hardscape foreman your responsibilities are to be on time to work, have your own transportation to and from work, wear your provided uniform and all safety equipment at all times, maintain a CDL class A license with a clean driving record, maintain all company issued devices in good working order, as well as be honest and hardworking.

Job duties will include the following:

  • Able to read blueprints and layout entire project using laser equipment, including distance, elevation, water runoff direction. Must be able to locate, and/or confirm location of all utilities using electronic location equipment when necessary to give approximate depth.
  • Must run crew in the most efficient manner possible and hold employees accountable for deadlines and damages.
  • Must be willing to teach and train crew on all aspects of their job.
  • Responsible for all jobsite files, filling out paperwork, logging in and out of Service Autopilot program to maintain file and add pictures and notes as needed.
  • Responsible for all clock in and out procedures and communication with office on employee tardiness, absence and overall performance.
  • Will be held accountable for ALL company equipment and the care and maintenance of such.
  • Ability to bend, stoop, and walk across many types of terrain and elevations.
  • Able to pick up and carry 80 pounds repeatedly and 100 pounds or more on occasion.
  • Assist crew in installing plants, trees, mulch, rock, topsoil, segmental retaining walls, paver patios, water features, and all other aspects of landscape construction.
  • Ability to operate a larger truck with air brakes and roll off bodies
  • Able to properly hook up, transport and maneuver trailers on public roadways and jobsites, as well as load, unload and properly secure all cargo.
  • Operate skid steer loaders, backhoes, excavators, and all manner of heavy equipment and properly lubricate and maintain said equipment.
  • Able to operate gas powered saws, blowers, weed trimmers, grinders, etc.
  • Keep truck cab, bed, and trailer clean and organized for optimum efficiency.
  • Maintain communication with Production manager at all times on the expected outcome of the day and deadlines that must be met.
  • Meet with production management weekly to recap and go over all future projects.

Rate of pay $16.00 to­ $25.00 per hour (based on experience)


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