To be recognized as true leaders in business and family by serving our team, clients, industry and community, while building long-term relationships with integrity and trust.


To enhance the beauty and value of every property while creating solid relationships through professionalism, courtesy, and exceeding expectations every step of the way.


We are a leader in our industry and our community and therefore dedicated to being the best in all that we do. As a leader, we will:

  • Lead by example by being a good communicator, passionate, respectful, and intentional.
  • Take care of people by seeing their need before they see them and then take the time to help, encourage and empower them to succeed.
  • Be confident in decision making and understand the entire process. Create a team atmosphere and be willing to give direction.
  • Give ourselves to a bigger purpose and be willing to take the heat when the heat comes.


We strive to work together with our clients, vendors, team members, and the entire community. To foster teamwork, we will:

  • Bridge communication gaps allowing projects to run smoothly and execution to be on target.
  • Reach common goals by accomplishing things together. Everyone is committed to carrying their own weight and willing to jump in wherever needed.
  • Intentionally step in to encourage, support and strengthen the team when times get rough.
  • Care and treat each other with respect. Build a friendship, comradery and strong ties knowing that someone has your back.


The efficient use of labor and materials results in a profitable company. Being profitable allows us to:

  • Reinvest in the team, new equipment, processes, and facilities to help us grow.
  • Provide the best quality service by having the best available education and equipment.
  • Help our team provide for themselves and their families.
  • Give back to the community.


Setting out a purpose for growth that ignites the imagination and energy of our team and develops stronger customer-centered strategies and plans. Growth enables us to:

  • Encourage more growth. When a piece of knowledge is absorbed and then shared with another, the impact of that learning expands and inspires.
  • Energize each other to achieve goals. We motivate each other to get through hard times and further ourselves.
  • Make a difference in life. We want everyone within our company, community, clients and families to be in a better spot because they know us.
  • See a bigger picture and reach for the stars.

Building to Last

We gain a strong purpose and energy when kneed deep and focused on building. Building to last includes:

  • Physically building sustainable walls and projects.
  • Bringing together a great team that encourages and supports each other.
  • Expanding ourselves in ways that will grow and help others.
  • Creating a legacy that reinforcing strong families and communities.