Lawn & Landscape Solutions offers more than 10 years of experience in installing and maintaining outdoor lighting. As experts in the field, people in both St. Charles and St. Louis have turned to us for lighting their patio, driveway, subdivisions, and more. We want to design a lighting system that not just illuminates but also enhances the beauty of a particular yard, helping homeowners enjoy their landscaping at all hours of the day.

The environment is also extremely important to us, so we want to design a lighting system that meets not just the needs of our clients but also the needs of our planet. This not only helps reduce energy usage, it helps cut down on the cost for homeowners who wish to use their lighting system throughout the summer and fall. These “Green” energy systems make complete sense and we specialize in them here at Lawn & Landscape Solutions.

Some people might attempt to do this installation on their own. They may see ads at big box stores that offer exterior lighting solutions for people to take home and install. Before trying this job yourself and ending up with a “one size fits all” lighting system, contact our company for a free estimate regarding a customized lighting system. We can listen to your specifications, examine your yard, and give you a custom quote based specifically on your needs that will perfectly fit your outdoor area.

If you already have a system installed, we can perform routine maintenance that can keep your lighting system working to the best of its abilities. This can include replacing burned out or dim bulbs, rewiring the system, electrical shorts, and more. We can also examine your system to make sure that it is not eating up electricity and instead remains efficient. This can cut down on utility costs while keep your lighting looking great.