Caring for your lawn is a full time job, yet most people only devote an hour or so per week to it. It needs to be regularly watered, regularly cut, and regularly fertilized in order to keep it looking as lush and green as possible. At Lawn and Landscape Solutions, we can devote the time and work necessary to making your yard the envy of the block.

The better a person’s equipment, the better their yard will look. Most homeowners, however, use lawn mowers with old, dull blades that do not provide a uniform cut. At Lawn and Landscape Solutions, our equipment is cared for and kept in top-quality condition. You will notice the difference immediately in the quality of our cut.

The unpredictable St. Louis weather can make it difficult to keep your grass healthy. Dry, brown patches of grass are not uncommon in even the most well-cared for lawns. If a homeowner isn’t careful, these patches can suddenly spread throughout the entire lawn. We quickly identify problem areas and address them immediately, stopping these patches before they become a major problem.

We can also perform mulching services for your particular lawn, keeping your trees and bushes healthy. Mulch helps keep moisture in the spring and summer months, ensuring that your trees get the water they need to stay healthy. It also provides nutrients that trees might not otherwise get. Mulch also provides a nice aesthetic quality to a yard. It is important, however, to apply the right amount of mulch lest you actually cut off water from the tree and cause it to die.