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Why you should use concrete for your next project

It’s no secret that concrete has become a huge trend in 2018! It’s simple, yet sophisticated look has caused people across the country to use it inside and outside their homes for added texture and style. We also love concrete and know of its power to transform any yard into a beautiful and unique oasis.

Still not sold on the idea of using concrete for your landscaping needs? Take a look below at four reasons you should check out this growing trend.

#1 Durability
Concrete is incredibly durable and is longer lasting than many of your other paving options. It is also able to endure extreme weather conditions and heavy foot traffic. Likewise, concrete easily resists the wear and tear produced by heavy outdoor patio furniture including tables, benches, and even grills!

#2 Versatility
Gone are the days of concrete being boring and gray! Today it can be cast into nearly any form or shape (including furniture!) and has the ability to be stamped, stained, dyed, or colored. Concrete works with anyone’s personal style from fun and relaxed to sleek and modern. The possibilities are endless!

#3 Easy maintenance
Since concrete is a solid surface, it makes it easy to keep clean and free from debris or weed growth. Concrete only needs to be resealed every few years to prevent wear and staining, and can be easily maintained with regular washing in order to keep it looking like new for decades.

#4 Economy
When compared to other paving materials, concrete is often more cost effective because it’s easier to produce and install. If materials such as natural stone or brick are out of your budget, it is likely that concrete can be used to get a similar effect and offers a high-end look for a fraction of the price.

Are you ready to make your yard look effortlessly beautiful, sophisticated, and unique? Give us a call today to get started!

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