Turn your Backyard into an Oasis

Everyone loves to entertain their family and friends. With summer here, that entertaining can move outdoors. Careful landscape choices can create an outdoor entertaining center perfect for your summer fun. Here are 6 landscaping items that can create the perfect backyard oasis.

Stone Pizza Oven

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, every cook needs their own stone pizza oven. Nothing tastes better than homemade pizza cooked in your own outdoor pizza oven. The thin crust gets that crunchy exterior while still being soft in the middle, and the toppings are warm and bubbly. If you are unsure about how to cook with a pizza oven, there’s no need to worry. You can find plenty of how-tos and recipes online.

Decks and Patios

Every backyard oasis would be incomplete without a deck or patio, and there are many available options. You could have a grand, two-story cedar deck, or it could be a simple patio made from poured concrete or brick pavers. And include lots of plants and flowers around your deck or patio, as these plants can add colorful accents and do a lot to make the area seem more friendly and inviting.

Outdoor Kitchens

Any homeowner would love to have an outdoor kitchen for their neighborhood barbeques because these kitchens make entertaining during the summer a breeze. An outdoor kitchen is so much more than your average grill. Other common items in an outdoor kitchen include beverage coolers, vent hoods, smokers, bar sinks and cabinet storage for all your grilling accessories.

Fire Pits

Fire pits always bring back those childhood memories of roasting marshmallows and the sweet, chocolaty perfection of a gooey s’more. But fire pits can be fun for adults as well and can be the perfect addition to your backyard landscaping. There are lots of different designs and styles to choose from so make sure to you choose the right fire pit for your lifestyle.

Outdoor Lighting

No backyard entertainment area would be complete without proper lighting; especially if you are planning to hold backyard dinner parties. Nothing is worse than eating a dinner you can’t see! There are lots of fun lighting options, however some basics that should always be included are lights around the walkways, patios, and exits. Not only can lighting be a good safety measure, but it can also help guests know where to go.


Pergolas are unique in the fact that they provide relief from the sun’s heat for those on the patio but still allow natural daylight into one’s home. Pergolas can be made from either metal or wood, however, if choosing wood, one must be aware that some species are better than others. Choose a wood that is naturally resistant to rot or insects or consider choosing an engineered or pressure-treated wood to ensure that your pergola will last through the ages.

Summers can be a blast, especially when your backyard is ready for entertaining family and friends. Contact us today to help you include one or all of these landscaping items in your new backyard oasis.

Now’s the perfect time to add lighting to your landscaping. For any questions or additional information, please contact us.

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